Document Preparation

How to prepare your documents for submission

As a client of American Best Credit, you will provide information and documents that will allow your credit specialist to offer you the best service/experience possible.

These documents are also used by our credit specialist to prove your identity, address, and other information unique to you and your credit file. We can not stress enough how important this is to a achieve a successful result.

Prepare your documents before starting your application. Doing this will allow you to upload your documents as you complete your sign-up (you will not be able to upload an incomplete submission).

These documents will need to be clear color copies, show all four corners (as shown below), and will be uploaded into the signup application. 

Acceptable file formats are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

File size should not exceed 4mb for each file.

1st Required document is the front and back of your drivers license

Drivers License

2nd Required document is your Social Security Card, You can also use your W-2 or 1099 if you do not have your Social Security Card.

Social Security Card

Or W-2 Or 1099

3rd Required document, utility bills (2), can not be past due or delinquent. You can also use bank statements or a cell phone bill

Bank Statement

Cell Phone Bill

In some cases, you might be required to use your Passport. You will upload this in one of the misc. file locations


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