Instant Funding

We Have a Special Program for All Existing Businesses (Including Start-Ups) as Well as Personal Use.

Some Applicants May Be Ineligiable For The PPP or Other Parts of The Cares Act.

Main Points of the Program:

• Funding of $20,000 to $120,000 on an unsecured basis

• Applicants do not have to provide any business data

• Applicants do not need to document income

• 650+ FICO required

• Family members or others can apply if the original applicant is declined or does not have good credit.

• Funding consists of personal and/or business credit cards with 0% interest for the first 10-18 months.

• Personal cards are converted to cash as part of service

•Credit lines may be paid down and used over and over

• Funding usually completed in 3 weeks.

As an example:

This new program is very user friendly and allows one to manage cash flow without paying a premium. Each client will pay a minimum monthly fee of 2-2.5% on what they draw down/cash out that's it! For example, if someone qualifies for 60K they may be issued 4 cards at 15K, each. 

They can cash out what they want. Let's say they cash out 30K. The following month they would be billed from the credit card company a minimum payment of 2-2.5 % of what they cashed out 30K, so either 600- 750/payment.
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