Instant Funding

Programs listed on this page can fund in less than 30 days

Multiple credit cards for personal and business use

Get up to $150,000 at 0% for up to 24 months


Applicants do not have to provide any business data

Applicants do not need to document income

650+ FICO required

Family members or others can apply if the original applicant is declined or does not have good credit.

Funding consists of personal and/or business credit cards with 0% interest for the first 10-18 months.


As an example:

This new program is very user friendly and allows one to manage cash flow without paying a premium. Each client will pay a minimum monthly fee of 2-2.5% on what they draw down/cash out, that's it! For example, if someone qualifies for 60K, they may be issued 4 cards at 15K, each. 

They can cash out what they want. Let's say they cash out 30K. The following month the credit card company will bill them a minimum payment of 2-2.5 % of what they cashed out 30K, so either $600.00- $750.00 payment.
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Hedge fund paydown


This is huge for clients with 50% utilization or greater and cannot attain a term loan:

How it works

The hedge fund can pay down approved customers. 

The credit lines will be paid down in less than 24 hours if qualified. Clients sign a promissory note with the hedge fund (for the service fee),  due within 24 hours of funding.
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Term loans

Term loans are a tool we can use for pay-downs as well if the applicant does not qualify for Hedge fund pay-downs. 

Utilization is not a factor

$5000.00 per month  minimum verifiable income 

Minimum 675 credit score

Term loans can go up to $40,000 and they have no prepayment penalty. 

Interest bearing credit lines

If you are not satisfied with the total amount of the  prequalification, there are a few options to get more money. In most cases clients can qualify for up to 50% more than the original PQ. These interest lines are usually between 9 - 15% APR.
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