Business Financing

Business Finance and Business Credit Regardless of Personal Credit

“A wide array of business funding solutions is available through our company for qualified business owners. Choose to invest your time and money on accessing our broad range of funding programs depending on the needs of your business expansion!” 

Business Funding

  1. Secure 10 trade and/or vendor accounts with and without a personal guarantee, with over 25 vendors who approve brand new start-up businesses.
  2. The largest supply of business credit sources anywhere, including direct access to over 2,100 private investors, business financing and credit sources.
  3. Access to vendors unique only to us who provide you revenue building services.
  4. Underwriting guidelines supplied with all business credit sources to ensure your approval on the business financing.
  5. Online application integration, where all applications auto populate saving you approval time.

401k Plan Financing

Account Receivable financing is great for any business that has outstanding account receivables that they would like to be quickly converted into cash.

Many businesses wait weeks, even months to get paid on their outstanding account receivables. This typically creates major cash-flow issues as they provide their goods and services and absorb those costs until they eventually get paid sometimes 90 days later.

With our Account Receivable Financing, our clients can regularly secure money against their receivables in as little as 24 hours. Once approved, our clients can then receive funding up to 80% of their existing receivables. Medical and construction receivables can also qualify for this financing program. 

This program is a great option for any business who has outstanding receivables. Our clients can obtain funding borrowing against their existing receivables and receive money within 24 hours versus waiting months to get paid. This can significantly ease their cash flow restraints and build an even more profitable business.

Business Revenue Lending

Business Revenue Lending is a program offered that will lend our clients money based on if they have consistent business revenue at this point in time. They might qualify for this program even if they have personal credit challenges.

Approval amounts range from $5,000-150,000 based on the amount of current revenue their business reflects on their business bank statements. Loan terms are typically between 6-18 months; and to pay back the loan, they will collect a portion of our clients’ future revenue until the loan is paid back in its entirety. This is a nice benefit if our clients’ revenue drops in a month, so will their repayment obligation.

This is an exceptional funding program for any business that has consistent revenue each month, even if they don’t have financials to supply. All that is reviewed for approval is their bank statements and sometimes their merchant statements. So if those statements are solid, they stand a great chance of being approved. It can also only take as little as two weeks to close and secure the money.

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