Business Credit Scores Defined

First, it would be best to understand what a business credit score is. In general, it is an overview of how creditworthy you are. This would include the numerical measurement of the cash flow that keeps a business going. After a proper assessment is made, the credit score will be a basis by lenders to figure out if a loan will be granted or not. This is the case when a person or group needs to apply for a lease, insurance policy or business financing.

It would be best to take note that a personal credit score is different from a business credit score. Though there are similarities, the point of reference for both is different. For example, a personal credit score is tied to an individual's social security number. The case is different for a business since it would point to their employee identification numbers (EIN).

The two points of reference may befuddle most but will be explained moving forward. The two credit scores are scaled differently. Personal scores are ranged from 300-850 while a business is ranked from 1-100. The only notable similarity here is that if a score is higher, the more creditworthy an individual or business is.

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