Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate Program Outline:

American Best Credit specializes in fast personal credit restoration in 60 days by removing negative items that can be holding you back like:

• Collections • Late Payments • Public Records • Repossession • Inaccurate Information
from your reports.

American Best Credit's mission is to get your credit back on track so you can get:

• New Car • Purchase a new home with great rates • Rent an Apartment • Get that new job • Start a New Company / Corporation • Build your business credit • Obtain Business Funding

American Best Credit provides the following programs for affiliates to promote.

• Credit Sweep • Attorney Program • Instant Funding • Primary Tradelines • Business Credit • Business Finance • New Corporation Formation • Establish Dun & Bradstreet business credit profile • Marketing Services • Web Design

American Best Credit is one of the highest paying affiliate programs, that offers generous commission. The average commission is $200 - $600 per client.

American Best Credit affiliate program offers an easy to use a system that allows their partners to access all the tools and resources they will need to track their referrals and conversions. Check out the features of the American Best Credit Affiliate Program:
• Affiliate Dashboard • Tiered Payouts • Lifetime Commissions • Direct Links • Custom Slugs • Custom Reports
American Best Credit provides their clients a free credit report audit and Action Plan outlining a list of items that need to be removed as well as what if anything needs to be added to the report. This hands-on service is what has made this the highest conversion affiliate program with high payouts.

Why should you promote American Best Credit?

The American Best Credit affiliate program is one of the top ten credit repair companies, earn between $200 - $600 per client referral. Clients spend between $599 and $2995 on Personal Credit Restoration and $1995 - $3995 on Business Credit.
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Affiliate Program Features

Affiliate Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link.
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Direct Link Tracking

Allow affiliates to link directly to your site, from their site, without the need for an affiliate link
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Custom Affiliate Slugs

Automatically generate custom slugs, or let your affiliates create their own
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Signup Referrals

Award commission when referred users sign up for a WordPress user account
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Pushover Notifications

Send push notifications on new referrals to your affiliates!
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Lifetime Commissions

Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer
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Recurring Referrals

Track on-going referrals for subscription payments and membership plugins
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Tiered Affiliate Rates

Reward your affiliates with higher commission rates
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Affiliate Dashboard Sharing

Allow your affiliates to easily share generated referral URLs
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