Credit Restoration is different for everybody because everybody’s credit is different. So to quote one price would not be a fair example of the cost. The fee can be as low as $59.00 every other week, but remember each case is different.

Many people who consult credit advisors or credit repair specialists want to know how to quickly raise their credit scores fast. While most professionals will advise their clients that credit repair takes time, there are a few strategies to raise scores faster.

  • Run and review your credit reports. Just one mistake on your credit report can lower your score dramatically and fast. Fixing it can yield nearly instant improvement. Find and fix incorrect items, credit limits, late payments, or collection items. This is where a credit repair professional can really be of value and help as they are keenly familiar with credit agencies and how they work.
  • Keep all credit card balances under 30% of your credit limit. This may be very tough for consumers in today’s credit-reduced environment, with increases inflation of consumer goods and reduced credit as a result of the housing bubble burst. This may not work for everyone, but is definitely a guide for those looking to increase their credit scores quickly.
  •  Use balance transfers to lower credit utilized if necessary. There are so many credit card offers for balance transfers and ZERO percent financing for X Months. Instead of just shredding the offers, take a look and find which one(s) work best for you. The savings you receive may allow you to pay down your debt faster, thus raising your credit scores as well.
  • Use automatic bill pay to ensure your bills are always paid on time. When your creditor offers you a chance to set-up automatic bill pay, you might want to take them up on it. IT takes the burden off of you to remember to mail a payment or login to a website to make the payment. It ensures timely payments and no derogatory items for those accounts…provided you have the money to make the payments.
  • Don’t close unused credit card accounts. As tempting as it might be to eliminate ways to have your identity stolen, don’t close your credit accounts that you pay off. Those accounts offer score improvement. Instead, plan to use those accounts a couple times per year and pay them off, thus showing positive use and payment of credit account on your report and how they positively affect your credit score.